Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What to do when they can't work on their own...

I have been struggling with this for a LONG time.  This is my first time teaching Junior (grade 4) and I had thought that they would be able to work independently on their own, with out me hovering over them, telling them to stop talking and get back to work. But noooooo, this doesn't happen. Ever.  They are a very chatty bunch, which I find funny because I have 17 boys and only 9 girls.... But whatever, they like to talk.

So my problem is, if I have a group of students at my back table, the class gets so loud and off task, I have to stop my small group, tell them to sit down, get back to work, and stop talking, constantly. What would take 10 minutes to do with my group takes 20 to 30 with the amount of interruptions.  I am losing my mind. I don't know what is left to do???  I have one student that I have to work with because she is on an IEP and requires scribing and she has become incredibly patient because she is interrupted constantly.  They  (even after being explicitly told to NOT) will line up at my desk to ask questions (which the answers to are on the chart paper step by step instructions or anchor charts around the room).

I give them the instructions at the beginning of every lesson, pointing out chart papers and anchor charts. We talk about where to find the info if they have questions. We discuss everything we can do if we finish (and make a list on chart paper or the white board), I then ask someone to tell me what they can do if they absolutely can not move on with my help (and they have checked the anchor charts, instructions and have asked 3 friends) and of course, because they all know, they all shot out READ.  So I like to think I have prepared them. (We also are usually working on more then one thing, right now we are making our non fiction medieval time stories, writing and adventure story) so they usually have multiple things to work on. But still, I get them coming up to me asking me what to do, and generally not paying attention t my instructions.

I am going to lose it.

What else can I do!?


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  1. I totally understand your frustration! What I would do if it were me, is I would start taking away something important to them. If students interrupt me, I mark their name on my clipboard and they earn laps at recess and silent lunch (if they have 3 marks). If it is the majority of the class, I would force them all to stay in at recess. Another option would be rewarding the students who don't bother you. Not sure if you have these options since in your About Me you mentioned that you're split between two schools. Hopefully this helps and hopefully the rest of your week went well!

    Living A Wonderful Life